A Graceful Jack Who Carries A Quiver


Tier: 1 Effort: 1 XP: 4


Might: 11/0
Speed: 15/1
Intellect: 12/0


* Trained in Balancing and Careful Movement
* Trained in Physical Performing Arts
* Specialized in Speed Defense (Unarmored)
* Trained in Speed Defense (Armored)
* Trained in Making Arrows
* Trained in Perception
* Flex Skill: Trained in one skill of choice daily; may not change during the day.

Special Abilities:

* Archer: May spend from Speed or Intellect pools to use Effort for bow damage; add +3 for each level of Effort used in this way. Enabler.
* Pierce: Spend 1 Speed to add 1 damage to a ranged piercing attack. Action


* Unarmed: Light Melee; Immediate Range; 2 Damage
* Bow: Medium Ranged; Long Range; 4 Damage; 24 arrows
* Dart Thrower: Light Ranged; Long Range; 2 Damage; 12 darts
* Knife: Light Melee or Ranged; Short Range; 2 Damage


* Banishing Nodule (Level 1): Attach to melee weapon for 28 hours; teleports anyone struck by the weapon an immediate distance in a random direction and imposes a hindrance to all tasks for the next turn.
* Cat’s Eye Injector (Level 6): The user may see in the dark for the next 8 hours.


* Bag of Light Tools
* Explorer’s Pack
* Crowbar
* Pouch
* Bedroll
* Book (Repairing)
* 1 Shin


From Slave to Soldier

Arin was born to poor farmers within the lands held by one of the many warlords of Milave. Indebted to their master, they sold him into slavery to join the ranks of the man’s armies. The boy proved to be graceful and agile beyond his appearance, and was rapidly placed into a group training to become a member of an elite group of scouts and archers. He befriended a young boy who was a bit more intellectual and ill suited to the military life, and took over as his protector when he could. As they grew, the two survived with each others’ companionship, while Arin developed into quite the skilled soldier, and his friend honed his intellect.

From Soldier to Fugitive

It was only a matter of time before Arin found freedom, either through escape or death. Fortunately, he found the opportunity alive, and fled into the night during a skirmish. He took his childhood friend with him, and the two traveled north. It wasn’t long before they ran across a group of Aeon Priests, and Arin swallowed his distaste of hierarchy to see his friend into their care. He followed him still further north to Navarene where the two of them met Madoc the Ragged.

He has also spent some time with Zan, and the two of them have become close friends. His bow, which has replaced the one he stole in his escape, was a gift from Zan, and is his most prized possession.


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