The Aeon Priest

Friend to Arin and Madoc


An intelligent young boy, he was enslaved by the same warlord who owned Arin. The two of them hit if off, and Arin did his best to protect him from others who failed to appreciate his bookish tendencies. He received and benefited from some of the same military training, but it was clear that he was not going to be a successful soldier. Arin managed to free him at the same time as his escape, and the two of them fled Milave together.

Some time later, the two of them met their first Aeon Priests. These men immediately appreciated the boy’s hard-won insight into the workings of numenera, and showered him with praise. Other than Arin, whose encouragement remained of the quiet, earnest kind, no other had showed him this much appreciation.

He told Arin of his intention to join the men, and become an Aeon Priest, and the resulting conflict threatened to destroy their friendship. Arin stormed off and left him to his devices.

After cooling off, Arin set off to apologize, seeing their continued relationship as the only chance to rescue him when he was ready. It was only good luck which allowed him to catch up to them before they left. The two made peace, and kept in touch.

Years later, he was in position to help a shattered soldier back from the war against the Gaians. The two struck a lasting friendship from the encounter, and it wasn’t long before Madoc the Ragged was introduced to Arin. The veterans also hit it off, and have been steady companions ever since.

The Aeon Priest

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