Numenera-Bloody Fasten

The Journey Begins

An Archer's Thoughts


It has been a while since Arin has traveled in the company of others, and even longer since those others have been civilians. His time as a soldier, and a slave, has colored his expectations to an alarming degree; Madoc is a comfort in this. The other veteran acts with many of the same expectations and habits that Arin himself displays, and, while it is bittersweet, the reminder of familiarity makes certain things easier.

The other new companion, whose camarederie he shares with Madoc, seems to be a fairly stable influence, as well. Zan, who while physically chilly, seems to bear some warmth to the old cybernetic soldier. His own past with this true friend eases him into this job as well, and he is glad that these two were contacted to travel to this place at his side; a full squadron of strangers makes for dangerous company on such a potentially hazardous task.

The true stranger, on the other hand, puts Arin on the defensive. Darren Taea, he introduced himself as. He seems to be suffering from some form of contagious madness, as far as Arin can tell; then again, in this bizarre world, what wonders could there be? It seems as though the man has some control over it, so it might prove useful. As any soldier knows, a misunderstood asset is still an asset.

The Task

Journey to Fasten and see what danger is waylaying travelers to the town. A simple enough task, to be sure, but with so few witnesses… Arin is well aware that he is no detective, but a scout must share some of the same skills. Locating threats is but one of the things he was well trained at while he was… owned. Still, it chafes to be working for one styling herself a superior to those who follow her, her age be damned.

The First Night

All seems to have gone well enough. Progress is quick, even; the first night has revealed to them a potential part of the threat: some rogue numenera devices which have been slaying those traveling the road simply for the joy of killing. The thought makes Arin ill. Too many times did he see this result from the training other boys went through; their eyes grew dead and cold, only warming at the thought of blood. It must be ended; if these are not the only ones, then he will find them… and stop them… and whatever has brought them under its thumb.



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